Stable profit with solar cooperatives of Ukraine
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SES "Ivankiv" Ternopil region

Feed-in tariff

Feed-in tariff is an economic mechanism aimed to promote the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources. The use of feed-in tariff usually involves the use of the following tools:

  • Guaranteed access to the network;
  • Long-term PPA;
  • setting relatively high purchase prices that take into account the cost of renewable energy.

Regional or national energy suppliers are usually required to purchase electricity from renewable sources. In many countries, the purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources under long-term (15–25 years) contracts is guaranteed by the state.

As of 2009, feed-in tariffs were used in one form or another in 63 countries of the world, including Ukraine.

The Law of Ukraine “On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine regarding the Determination of a Green Tariff” was adopted on September 25, 2008. The law provides for mandatory purchase of electricity.

The Law of Ukraine dated 04/06/2015, No. 514-VIII on the creation of competitive conditions for the production of "clean" energy. According to the current Law, the feed-in tariff is tied to the euro exchange rate until 2030, which allows to mitigate inflation risks. The requirement for a “local component” was also abolished and a surcharge on the tariff for the use of Ukrainian equipment was introduced. In general, feed-in tariffs in Ukraine today are among the largest in Europe. On July 11, 2019, amendments were made to Article 9-1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Alternative Sources of Energy”, which changed the rates for the purchase of electricity generated at PVP.

Reduction of existing feed-in tariffs for PPV based on the date of commissioning in accordance with Law No. 8449-d
Year of commissioningFeed-in tariffMaximum capacity of PPV to get a feed-in tariff (without participation in the auction)
20190,15 EUR without VATno limitations
20200,1126 EUR without VATup to 10 MW
20210,1126 EUR without VATup to 5 MW
2022auctionno limitations
2023auctionno limitations


The JAM60S09-325PR PV module from the Chinese manufacturer JA Solar is an excellent combination of price, efficiency, power and build quality. Actually, JA Solar is one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in China and around the world. The company's products comply with international standards and are certified. The company periodically falls into the list of the Tier1 top rating, which reflects the most successful manufacturers of PV modules.

Regarding the technical parameters of the JAM60S09-325PR PV module. Its power is 325 W, with a possible allowable deviated from 0 - + 5%. The efficiency of the PV module is 19.7%. The voltage of the open circuit is 41.04 V, and the short-circuit current is 10.25 A. The voltage and current when the module is operating at maximum power are 33.44 V and 9.72 A, respectively.

The temperature coefficient of the PV module for the power value is -0.370% / ℃. This means that when the module is heated by 1 ℃ from the normal temperature (which is 45 ℃), it will lose 0.370% of its power. Regarding current and voltage, the temperature coefficients for these indicators have a value of + 0.060% / ℃ and 0.300% / ℃. It should be noted that these indicators are better than those of most competitors, so the use of a complex of such modules is the best solution when creating PVP of various capacities.

The JAM60S09-325PR PV module is distinguished by the fact that it works at a wide temperature range - from -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃. At the same time, it works effectively in extreme conditions, namely significant overheating and shading.Monocrystalline solar cells are covered with tempered glass. Therefore, the PV module can withstand minor mechanical loads on the front. Resistant to deg.The body is made of anodized aluminum, so it almost does not rust (resistant to metal corrosion). It withstands a wind load of 2400 Pa and a snow load of 5200 Pa respectively.The weight of the PV module is 18.4 kg with a tolerance of 3%. The dimension of the PV module is 1657 ± 2 mm × 996 ± 2 mm × 35 ± 1 mm.

The manufacturer guarantees 90% of generation after 10 years of operation, as well as 80% of generation after 25 years of operation.

Share participation

A solar cooperative is an association of investors to build a common solar PVP, to commission and operate it.

At the beginning of 2020 we put into operation the first phase (1 MW) of the Ivankov PVP, at a rate of 0.15 € / kWh.
*Ivankov PVP: 18 ha land plot, 9 MW capacity

We offer to take part in the commissioning of the following phases ofIvankov PVP, etc. This will allow you to profit from the generation of electricity by a solar power plant and selling it to the Ukrainian national electricity grid.

At this, we are engaged in: the construction of PVP; its commissioning; ensuring the stability of the equipment; security; repair, etc.

There are two possible options for equity participation in our cooperative:

With guaranteed fixed interest payment
The amount of the monthly payment on the investment is fixed (does not depend on the production of PVP), up to 1.25% per month. Payment is made monthly.
Tied up to power generation
The amount of the monthly payment is 80% of the cost of electricity generated and sold (SolarCloud holds 20% for the maintenance of the power plant). Payment is made quarterly.


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